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How Can Cargo Signal Improve the Food and Beverage Industry?

Untitled design (1)-Jan-05-2024-10-30-49-5917-PMRestaurants, resorts, bars, cafes, bakeries, cruise ships, and other establishments work hard to stay well-stocked. But they depend upon supplies being delivered securely, on time and unspoiled. If they aren’t, that could mean inventory shortage, loss of business, and financial complications.

Here are just a few challenges those in the food and beverage industry often face without real-time visibility of product: 

  • Spoilage of light- and temperature-sensitive food product 
  • Financial loss due to surplus or shortage of stock 
  • Theft or damage of high-value spirits 
  • Delays in delivery of highly perishable goods or time-sensitive product for large-scale events 

Food and beverage supplies need to be delivered consistently on time and in good condition for businesses to maintain well-organized inventories and keep their doors open. If those shipments aren’t closely monitored quality and efficient arrival, it could lead to supply chain issues, financial losses, and poor reputation of service.   

With Cargo Signal, we prevent light and temperature sensitive food and beverage from spoiling in transit, secure high value supplies against theft and damage, and ensure that product is delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Preventing Spoilage 

Food and beverage in transit may be prone to spoilage or damage, resulting in costly reorders. Cargo Signal provides you with real-time visibility of your product in transit. Our Temperature and Light Exposure Alerts will let you know if your shipment falls out of an acceptable temperature range or is exposed to excess light.

It will also provide you with up-to-the-minute transparency of your carriers. If your shipment has been left in the cold or heat too long, been dwelling in one spot without authorization, or has deviated from the route, you’ll know–and our Command Center will intervene to ensure fresh delivery. 

Protecting High-Value Shipments 

Whenever high-value food and drink supplies are moving from facility to facility, they’re at risk of damage or theft. Cargo Signal’s Security Alerts can prevent that from happening. If your freight falls vulnerable to theft, Cargo Signal will sound the alarm and our Command Center will get authorities on the scene.

If one of your shipments is threatened, you’ll know and be able to take action–whether that means rerouting to another location, finding an alternative route, or readjusting for quality control in transit. You’ll have the real-time visibility you need to remain flexible and provide for your customers. 

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