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How Can Cargo Signal Improve the Supply and Construction Industry?

Untitled design (1)-Sep-20-2023-05-13-57-7947-PMWhether at home or at work, people everywhere rely on the spaces around them to provide warmth, comfort, and safety. Making these spaces a reality is dependent upon timely delivery of materials and quality equipment. Without proper oversight and careful management of the parts and tools needed to construct these buildings, supply chain disruptions could lead to inefficiencies in construction, delays, and financial losses.

Here are just a few challenges the building and construction industry faces without real-time visibility of its supplies: 

  • Liquidated damages due to late materials, tools, or equipment 
  • Theft or damage of high-value equipment  
  • Lack of resource visibility for end customers and Project Managers 
  • Inability to ensure that carriers that are moving oversize/overweight/restricted materials along DOT-approved routes  

If the right equipment and material isn’t where it needs to be, when it needs to be, construction grinds to a halt. If you’re unaware of the whereabouts and security of equipment moving in and out of your facility, you’re risking scheduling delays, broken contracts, and financial loss. 

Keep to Schedule and Build on Time 

Sourcing materials, finding skilled craftsmen, and getting construction underway is hard enough. You shouldn’t have to worry whether or not you’ve got the right equipment on hand to get the job done. With Cargo Signal, you’ll be able to track the location of your resources and equipment–whether they’re moving from domestic or international storage spaces–in real time.

You can rest easy knowing you have the visibility to predict when the right supplies will be available. If there’s a piece of machinery that won’t be available in time or a vital building component is delayed in transit, Cargo Signal will alert you and your stakeholders so you can plan around the disruption, maintain your schedule, and avoid liquidating damages. 

Protect High-value Shipments  

Construction supplies can be costly. Whenever high-value material or equipment is moving from place to place, it’s at risk of damage or theft. Cargo Signal can help prevent these valuable assets from becoming compromised. If your shipment falls vulnerable to theft, Cargo Signal will sound the alarm and our Command Center will get authorities on the scene.

Some materials like window panes, lights, or decorative tiles can be fragile and dangerous to ship. Other components like metal sheets can be susceptible to corrosion. If your shipment is in danger of damage due to shock/tilt, moisture build-up, or excessive temperatures, you’ll have the ability to know the moment it becomes vulnerable and be able to stop it. 

When it comes to keeping a tight construction schedule, planning is everything. With real-time visibility of the location, movement, and quality of your shipments, you’ll know when things will arrive and what condition they’ll be arriving in, saving you time and money in the long run. Say you’ve hired a team of roofers who are due to be on site in the coming week, but you need to ship in essential equipment for the job. If they show up and the supplies don’t, you’ve wasted money and put yourself days–maybe even weeks–behind. Cargo Signal immediately alerts you of delays so you can keep your teams informed and plan around potential disruptions. 

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