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SMART CARGO IN 60 SECONDS: Tips for Analysts

There’s only so much you can do with incomplete data. Supply chains depend on analysts who can pull information from the most reliable sources. IoT-powered sensors offer a whole new dataset to understand what's happening in your supply chain in real-time. 

Are you still relying on carriers self-reporting their own data? Sensor-based logistics can offer a completely new dataset filled with real-time, objective information about how your supply chain is operating. The IoT-powered sensors that we attach to your cargo transmits data as it travels between carriers and warehouses, guaranteeing you transparency, accuracy and a trustworthy historical record of your freight’s movement. With Cargo Signal, you will gain access to the data directly from the source and be able to synthesize information more quickly. Never worry again about which carriers are performing well or whether shipping standards are being adhered to. Cargo Signal can help you turn the real-time visibility data into actionable insights that push your company forward.