Cargo Signal Blog


Cargo Signal provides real-time visibility of your cargo, so you can make decisions that keep your supply chain moving. Our customers use our sensors and data to anticipate delays, mitigate operational issues and keep carriers honest. 

Is your cargo arriving late the only indication you have of delays in your supply chain? Delays are a result of bad decisions or unexpected events. A truck driver might be taking unauthorized breaks or route deviations. An ocean carrier might be backed up at congested ports. An airline carrier might experience turbulent weather. The external factors surrounding delays can’t be predicted but, with sensors, can be anticipated. By putting sensors on your cargo you can have real-time visibility into where your freight is mid-transit. This information is much more useful than the traditional milestone data that merely provides updates at various stages such as pick-up or delivery. Being able to see that your cargo is not moving can help you keep the carrier accountable and can help your team prepare for disruptions.