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SMART CARGO IN 60 SECONDS: Real-Time Visibility

Cargo Signal brings real-time visibility to supply chains struggling with disturbances, damages and delays by placing IoT sensors on global shipments.

Is your cargo faster than your data? If your cargo arrives and you don’t know about it; then it is. This is called latency. And, latency is not good for business. Visibility is essential for the post-pandemic supply chain riddled with disturbances and delays. During a time of great strain on your supply chain, sensors can be more reliable than people. Rather than waiting for someone to physically search for your freight to give you an update, placing a sensor directly on your freight can, automatically and in real-time, provide you information about where it is and what condition it’s in. The reality is that the logistics and supply chain industry is still a bit analog. Isn't it silly that you know more about the location of the sandwich you ordered through a food delivery app than you do your precious cargo? With sensors we hope to change that. At Cargo Signal we are experts in using sensor data to create resiliency in your supply chain.