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SMART CARGO IN 60 SECONDS: Tips for Risk Management Managers

Supply chain disruptions are on the rise and quickly becoming the new norm. Now, more than ever, Risk Management professionals play an even bigger role in the resiliency of their organizations. 

Is unreliable data increasing the risk in your supply chain? Our team here at Cargo Signal attaches IoT-powered sensors to global shipments so you can have real-time data about the location and security of your freight. These data points are monitored by our Command Center, a team of logistics professionals who oversee global shipments around the clock, 365 days a year. Cargo Signal’s unprecedented oversight increases carrier transparency and freight security, reducing unauthorized rerouting, mishandling, and dwell times in high-risk areas. Our platform allows you to customize the alerts our sensors transmit and provide one, central operating picture if something does go wrong. Having access to accurate historical data regarding your shipments not only provides reliable information to your insurers at a moment’s notice but also helps you lower your rates in the long term.