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Cargo Signal's Guide to IoT, Part 7: How IoT Security Works

From $91 million in 2016, annual global spending on security measures for IoT networks jumped to $631 million in 2021.


As IoT expands further into our everyday lives, normal business practices, and especially the logistics industry, it’s important to remain aware of how IoT security is maintained. 

IoT devices generally feature a few core components that allow them to function: a physical device/sensor, a network connection, data processing capability/software, and a digital platform. 

With the proper precautions, each category becomes a protective layer contributing to the optimal security of the device.

  • Device/Sensor (Hardware Security)

    • A secure casing is fitted over the device and port access is restricted
    • Firmware is embedded and consistently updated

  • Network Connection (Communications Security)

    • Data-in-transit encryption is implemented to protect against common network attacks
    • Additional security features are applied according to the network security connection (e.g., bluetooth, wifi, etc.)

  • The Cloud (Cloud Security)

    • Data-at-rest encryption is implemented
    • Endpoint security for user applications/systems and access-controlled infrastructure is maintained
    • Penetration testing is performed to scan for lingering security vulnerabilities
  • Digital Platform (Software Security)

    • Platforms are updated regularly with manufacturer patches and security upgrades
    • A multi-tenancy environment is secured, establishing two-factor authentication and expiring API access

Cargo Signal rigorously vets its vendors and stays up to date with the latest in hardware and software security, ensuring the safety of your supply chain data and providing you with end-to-end supply chain visibility.


Are You Ready to Implement Sensor-based Logistics?

Ask yourself:

  • Are IoT devices automating and streamlining tasks in my daily life but not my daily business practices? 
  • Am I still relying on analog practices to facilitate operations throughout my supply chain?
  • Am I uneasy about the security of my data (i.e., relying on conventional data loggers or other easily misplaced and/or cumbersome devices)?

If yes, contact Cargo Signal today so we can help bring your operations up to speed with the latest and most secure supply chain technology available.

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