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Cargo Signal's Guide to IoT, Part 4: How Is IoT Revolutionizing Supply Chain Resiliency?

In 2018, it was reported that 57% of companies had adopted IoT-powered technology in some form. That number is expected to surpass nearly 70% in 2022.


How Is IoT Revolutionizing Supply Chain Agility?

Advancements in IoT technology can help monitor, lessen, or in some instances even prevent the effects of supply chain disruptions altogether

For instance, Cargo Signal’s IoT-powered sensors can be attached to a box, pallet, container, trailer, or truck, transforming freight into “Smart Cargo.” IoT devices use sensors to measure specific aspects of the world around them, including location, temperature, humidity, light levels, movement, handling, speed of movement, and other environmental factors. 

Having real-time visibility is crucial for supply chain resiliency.

Predictions: What’s Around the Corner?

  • Every piece of freight will be trackable in real time
  • You will no longer need to scan in your warehouses
  • Inventory control will be automated, and resources will be repurposed
  • Basic milestones of departure, arrival, and split shipments will be automated
  • Automated pickup and delivery will become a reality
  • Customers will label their own freight and track their cargo in their systems as well
  • Customer will have true end-to-end visibility

Smart devices (Smart phones, smart watches, smart homes…) are everywhere. When physical devices connect objects around us to the internet, our lives become easier. Now, IoT is coming to the logistics industry, making “Smart Cargo” a reality.

Rather than waiting for someone to physically search for your freight to give you an update, placing an IoT-powered sensor directly on your cargo can automatically provide you the information you and your team need. With Cargo Signal, you will know exactly where your freight is, when it will arrive, and what condition it will be arriving in.

By leveraging IoT to turn your freight into Smart Cargo and adding end-to-end visibility to your supply chain, you will be able to provide accurate updates to your stakeholders and identify pain points. Visibility means flexibility. And having flexibility means you can correct your carrier and warehouse operations in real time to protect your supply chain. 

Our technology is backed by a Command Center staffed by logistics professionals who monitor global shipments around the clock, 365 days a year, and are ready to intervene on your behalf when problems arise. 

Are You Ready to Implement Sensor-based Logistics?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I unable to track my shipments in real time?
  • Am I still using time-consuming, laborious, analog methods to control inventory?
  • Are my customers unable to see when and/or in what condition their shipments will arrive?

If yes, contact Cargo Signal today so we can help you streamline your supply chain.

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