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Cargo Signal's Guide to IoT, Part 5: How Can I Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions?

IoT is one of the fastest growing sectors in tech, driven by the need in the supply chain and logistics industry, and expected to grow to 53.8 billion in manufacturing by 2025. 


Supply chains are complex by nature, and there are a number of world events that can profoundly impact their ability to run according to plan. If you don’t have access to end-to-end supply chain visibility, you are increasing your risk that those events will have serious consequences. 

Here are a few key disruptions that Cargo Signal can help with: 



If your organization falls victim to a cyberattack, you may temporarily lose access to crucial systems. With sensors attached to your shipments, you stay connected to real-time data about the location of your shipments. Should one of your systems or your service provider’s systems go down, Cargo Signal’s sensors will continue to collect and display tracking data. And our team of logistics professionals in the Command Center are available 24/7 to help facilitate communications between your stakeholders and keep your supply chain operating. 


Extreme Weather Events 

Wildfires, snow storms, hurricanes, heat waves, and other significant weather events can cause delays across trade routes and sometimes inhibit workplace accessibility. With Cargo Signal, you can set customizable alerts that keep you updated when there are delays or route deviations, when dwell times occur, or when the temperature of your freight falls outside acceptable ranges. The data you receive can be leveraged to remotely determine the risk of product spoilage. No matter the scenario, the Command Center will work with you to ensure that the shipment arrives at its destination unspoiled and as quickly as possible.



Cargo Signal keeps you informed in real time about the condition of your freight. Customizable alerts of your choosing will keep you informed of compromised shipments, telling you the exact time and location it happened. Additionally, our platform connects you to “heat maps” that use historical data to identify high-risk areas, so you can stay informed and plan accordingly. If an emergency occurs, our Command Center will sound the alarm on your behalf, contact the authorities, and connect you to local resources to take immediate action.


Political Turmoil/War 

War and political or civil unrest can wreak havoc on a supply chain. If manufacturing materials are delayed, transportation routes are blocked, or new sanctions are announced, the regular movement of product across your supply chain could suffer. Cargo Signal allows you to view your shipment locations in real time and plan around any unforeseen obstacles that arise. The Command Center will alert you immediately of any stoppages or dangers so that you can reroute shipments and immediately take proactive measures. 


Labor Issues 

Understaffing can cause significant stress on supply chains. Cargo Signal provides you with the real-time data necessary to determine exactly when your freight will arrive at its destination so you can keep your warehouses prepared with the right number of staff at the right time. If your shipment stops moving due to labor unrest, you will know exactly where it is and how long it has been there, allowing you to determine what action to take next.


Are You Ready to Implement Sensor-based Logistics?

Ask yourself:

  • Have I ever lost valuable tracking data due to outages or service provider disruptions?
  • Have I been unable to create contingency plans in the face of world crises or extreme weather events due to a lack of real-time data?
  • Has a lack of oversight prevented me from efficiently organizing the amount of labor needed in my warehouses?

If yes, contact Cargo Signal today so we can help you improve your supply chain agility.

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