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Sensor-based Logistics and the Electronics Industry: How to Automate the Security of Your High-value Shipments

Without full visibility of your inventory, you can’t plan your production and delivery schedule effectively or remain agile in the face of unexpected disruptions. Tracking your shipments in real time with Cargo Signal gives you control. You’ll know what’s already come in, what’s still in transit, and when you can expect a crucial component. 



The electronics industry moves fast. Not only is product being shipped rapidly, what’s innovative today is obsolete tomorrow–making it a particularly fast-paced sector. Those working in electronics need to be able to effectively manage their supply chain and deliver the newest technology on demand, or they may fall out of sight, out of mind, and out of style. Moving product safely and efficiently is a priority to stay ahead. Here are just a few challenges the electronic industry faces without real-time visibility of product: 

  • Theft of highly desirable cargo in transit, including new product launches or prototypes
  • Damage to fragile components and equipment
  • Inability to track inventory surplus or shortages efficiently, especially during new product rollouts
  • Slowdowns along the national and international supply chain 

If your product isn’t where it needs to be, when it needs to be, the sale isn’t possible. The electronics industry relies on high supply chain visibility to keep the flow of goods moving at a steady pace. If you’re unaware of where your shipments are or what condition they’re in, you’re risking unnecessary line-down disruptions and the loss of revenue.

How Sensor-based Logistics Can Help

  • Automate your inventory management by tracking at the container and pallet level, reducing surplus or shortages
  • Secure costly and fragile product against theft or damage in transit
  • Eliminate supply chain disruptions resulting from delayed or damaged freight

Cargo Signal brings a revolutionary level of oversight to the electronics industry. The IoT-powered sensors that Cargo Signal attaches to global freight track real-time data about shipments, providing end-to-end visibility, security, and quality control. Our technology is supported by a Command Center staffed by logistics professionals who monitor your freight around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If anything goes wrong with your shipment, Command Center will intervene on your behalf to solve the problem. 

Optimize Inventory Forecasting

Without full visibility of your inventory, you can’t plan your production and delivery schedule effectively. Tracking your shipments in real time with Cargo Signal gives you control. You’ll know what’s already come in, what’s still in transit, and when you can expect a crucial component. Need a rush shipment of mobile phone accessories because the last shipment never arrived? Need to reroute an incoming shipment of gaming consoles to a nearby distribution center or storefront that needs them more? With Cargo Signal, you’ll be able to keep an eye on things and maintain flexibility. Our Command Center will work with you to make sure you get what you need where you need it so your supply chain performs at peak efficiency. 

Safeguard Your Shipments

Moving high-value merchandise or confidential new products or prototypes intended for launch makes them vulnerable to theft or damage. Without real-time visibility, you’re risking devastating financial losses or even the loss of years of innovation. Cargo Signal’s Security Alerts can prevent that from happening. If your freight falls vulnerable to theft, Cargo Signal will sound the alarm and our Command Center will get authorities on the scene. You’ll also decrease the likelihood of damage in transit. Our Shock & Tilt alerts will let you know in real time if your product has experienced any impact or improper handling. And our Temperature Alerts will signal if it becomes exposed to excessive heat, cold, or moisture build-up. Our Command Center will intervene on your behalf to stop losses before they happen so that you don’t have to gamble on quality come delivery day.

Improve Efficiency and Increase Revenue

Knowing exactly how much product you have and where that product is at all times can reduce your overhead and increase efficiency across sectors. With Cargo Signal monitoring your shipments, you’ll be able to schedule just the right amount of staff you need in your warehouses, distribution centers, outlets, storefronts. Cargo Signal gives you complete oversight of your supply chain and automates your inventory oversight so you don’t have to make a guessing game out of how many hands it will take to load or unload product at one of your facilities or how many carriers you’ll need to hire to move product from one location to another. Complete oversight means saved time and labor. And saved time and labor means saved money.  

Is Now the Right Time for Sensor-based Logistics?

Ask yourself:

  • Have I experienced theft or damage of new product launches, prototypes, or intellectual property?
  • Are my products suffering damage due to excess temperatures, dangerous humidity levels, or shock and tilt?
  • Is my inability to track inventory surplus or shortages costing me money?
  • Are supply chain disruptions and slowdowns disrupting my business?

If yes, contact Cargo Signal today so we can help you and your business get back on track.