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Sensor-based Logistics in the Healthcare Industry: Prevent Spoilage of Urgent, Temperature-sensitive Pharmaceuticals and Automate Regulatory Compliance

Have you experienced late delivery of medical equipment or spoilage of pharmaceutical goods in transit? Delay or damage to supplies in transit can affect people's livelihoods and cost you money. With Cargo Signal's sensors monitoring the location and quality of your goods in real time, you can troubleshoot problem shipments before they result in a loss. 


People depend on the healthcare industry to provide them life-saving procedures and medication. Without the proper care and timely delivery of medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, the health and lives of the global community are at risk, and so are business operations. Here are just a few common challenges that the healthcare industry faces without real-time visibility of medical necessities in transit:

  • Theft or damage to high-value drugs, chemicals, and medical equipment
  • Spoilage of temperature-sensitive, potentially life-saving pharmaceutical product
  • Financial loss due to excessive or unused inventory 
  • Inability to meet regulatory compliance for data reporting

Smoother operations in the healthcare industry not only saves time and keeps costs low, it saves lives. If you’re unaware of where your shipments are or what condition they’re in, you’re risking financial loss and the health and well-being of many.  

How Sensor-based Logistics Can Help

  • Prevent urgent, temperature-sensitive pharmaceuticals from spoiling in transit
  • Secure costly and essential equipment against theft and damage
  • Improve your inventory management and forecasting

Cargo Signal brings a revolutionary level of oversight to the healthcare industry. The IoT-powered sensors that Cargo Signal attaches to global freight track real-time data about shipments, providing end-to-end visibility, security, and quality control. Our technology is supported by a Command Center staffed by logistics professionals who monitor your freight around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If anything goes wrong with your shipment, Command Center will intervene on your behalf to solve the problem. 

Prevent Pharmaceutical Spoilage

Pharmaceuticals in transit may spoil or become prone to damage due to mishandling or extreme weather events, resulting in costly reorders. Cargo Signal provides you with full transparency of your product while it’s being moved. Our automated alerts will let you know in real time if your shipment has become exposed to excessive light or unfavorable temperatures. They’ll also signal you about unauthorized carrier dwell times and deviations from the route, ensuring that your cargo does not exceed the estimated delivery time and arrives without fear of having been on the road too long. If unexpected delays do arise, our Command Center will work to get your shipment to its destination in the timeliest fashion.

Protect High-value Shipments

Whenever high-value medical equipment and supplies are moving from facility to facility, they’re at risk of damage or theft. Cargo Signal can help prevent your valuable assets from becoming compromised. If your shipment falls vulnerable to theft, Cargo Signal will sound the alarm and our Command Center will get authorities on the scene immediately to prevent loss. Likewise, if expensive or life-saving equipment sustains impact, possible damage, mishandling, or improper placement, you’ll know in real time, allowing you to start problem-solving before you let down those depending on that shipment for treatment.

Take Control of Your Data and Inventory

If you’re still keeping track of your inventory manually, you’re leaving a lot of room for human error. Automatically tracking your shipments in real time with Cargo Signal gives you full visibility and increased control. You’ll know what’s already come in, what’s still in transit, and when you can expect the next shipment, eliminating inventory surpluses or shortages and allowing you to forecast your needs effectively. Cargo Signal will also automate your data and keep it organized. Our sensors monitor your shipment’s vitals from end-to-end, so you have all the information you need to back up the integrity of your shipments and demonstrate compliance with the most recent health standards and regulations.

Is Now the Right Time for Sensor-based Logistics?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I losing time and money due to theft or damage to high-value equipment, chemicals, or drugs?
  • Are my pharmaceuticals spoiling in transit?
  • Am I experiencing a regular surplus or shortage of inventory?
  • Have I been struggling to report accurate data to the proper agencies?

If yes, contact Cargo Signal today so we can help you and your business get back on track.