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Sensor-based Logistics in the Aviation and Aerospace Industry: Avoid Line Down Delays and Improve Assembly and Service Inefficiencies

In the aviation and aerospace industry, it pays to be able to monitor your cargo. Whether you're moving routine parts across your facility or shipping in high-value prototypes from a remote location, having real-time data about your cargo will help you stay organized, make deadlines, perform efficient maintenance, ensure the safety of your end product, and protect your company's reputation. 


Aircrafts are complex machines that open up brave new worlds of convenience and exploration. But those machines need to be properly constructed and routinely maintained. Without proper oversight and careful management of vital equipment and parts to build out and service your craft, you’re likely to experience inefficiencies in production and financial losses. Here are just a few challenges aviation and aerospace industries face without real-time visibility of product on the move:

  • High percentage of unfulfilled orders due to damage, delay, or loss of parts needed to service craft
  • Penalty fees administered by airlines for missed service deadlines 
  • Line-down delays and inefficiencies in assembly and service 
  • Theft or damage of high-value components, confidential prototypes, or intellectual property

Many jobs in the aviation and aerospace industry are time-sensitive. And the complexity and magnitude of those jobs require extreme precision and organization. If you’re unaware of the whereabouts and security of equipment moving in and out of your facility, you’re risking financial loss, missed deadlines, and a potentially unsafe final product.

How Sensor-based Logistics Can Help

  • Ensure the timely delivery of parts needed to build, service, and repair aircraft
  • Secure essential and high-value equipment against theft and damage
  • Keep you customers assured of their safety and stakeholders informed and satisfied 

Cargo Signal brings a revolutionary level of oversight to the aviation and aerospace industry. The IoT-powered sensors that Cargo Signal attaches to global freight track real-time data about shipments, providing end-to-end visibility, security, and quality control. Our technology is supported by a Command Center staffed by logistics professionals who monitor your freight around the clock, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. If anything goes wrong with your shipment, Command Center will intervene on your behalf to solve the problem. 

Build, Service, and Repair Aircraft on Time

Assembling and maintaining aircraft is difficult enough. You shouldn’t have to worry whether or not you’ve got the right equipment on hand to get the job done. With Cargo Signal, you’ll be able to track the location of equipment–whether it’s moving across your facility, airport to airport, hangar to hangar, or shipped in from a remote location–in real time. This means that you can rest easy knowing when the right equipment will be available. If a tool won’t be available in time or a part is delayed in transit, Cargo Signal will alert you and your stakeholders so you can plan accordingly, avoid penalty fees, and maintain the satisfaction of your clients. 

Protect High-value Shipments

It’s no secret that aviation and aerospace components are costly. Whenever high-value air and spacecraft components or accompanying intellectual property are moving from facility to facility, they’re at risk of damage or theft. Cargo Signal can help prevent these valuable assets from becoming compromised. If your shipment falls vulnerable to theft, Cargo Signal will sound the alarm and our Command Center will get authorities on the scene. Likewise, if your shipment sustains shock and possible damage by your carrier, you’ll know the moment it happens, so you can hold those responsible accountable and start problem-solving right away. 

Showcase Security and Safety

Safety is priority number one when maintaining aircrafts. If you’re constantly worried about when you’ll have the right tools on hand for proper assembly and repair, you may be tempted to rush things. That can lead to unintended poor craftsmanship, the endangerment of lives, and possible legal repercussions. Cargo Signal’s real-time visibility of shipments lets you know where your equipment is, what condition it’s in, and when it will be available. With this peace of mind, you can confidently allocate time for quality repairs and maintenance while still maintaining a tight schedule. Better yet, you’ll be able to showcase your efficiency to your stakeholders and embolden your company’s reputation.

Is Now the Right Time for Sensor-based Logistics?

Ask yourself:

  • Am I unable to fulfill orders due to frequent damage, delay, or loss of parts?
  • Am I wasting money on penalty fees for missed deadlines?
  • Are line-down delays and assembly and service inefficiencies keeping my business from operating smoothly?
  • Have I experienced theft or damage of high-value components or confidential prototypes?

If yes, contact Cargo Signal today so we can help you and your business get back on track.