Cargo Signal Blog


The alerts our IoT-powered sensors trigger allows for real-time intervention with problem shipments. Alerts can be configured and customized and viewed on our platform. Our 24/7 Command Center is continuously monitoring these alerts with the aim of preventing or stopping supply chain issues. 

How soon do you know about an issue with your cargo in transit? Here at Cargo Signal we program our IoT-powered sensors to provide real-time alerts around 4 categories; Location & Delay, Security, Temperature and Shock & Tilt. The alerts associated with Location and Delay can help you see where your cargo is, if it’s stationary when it shouldn’t be, if it's on the correct route, if it will be delayed or how far it is from its destination. The alerts associated with Security can help you see if your cargo has been tampered with or opened, if it’s vulnerable to theft due to increased dwell time or if the carrier has deviated from the planned route. The alerts associated with Temperature provide real-time information on the temperature range and humidity inside the container to ensure that there is no product spoilage. And, finally, the alerts associated with Shock & Tilt ensure that your freight is not damaged. Alerts are the window to end-to-end visibility and help you become proactive with real-time information.