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Placing sensors on your global shipments can help reduce the chances of theft, especially during historic pandemic-related delays and disturbances that have increased dwell time and made carriers and shippers much more vulnerable. Take a minute to listen to what you can do today.

Would you be able to detect intrusion while your cargo is in transit? Though it’s extremely common for seals to be broken and cargo to be tampered with this doesn’t mean it has to happen in your supply chain. Pandemic related disruptions and delays are increasing dwell time which makes carriers more vulnerable to theft. Instead of worrying, you can be proactive. Placing sensors on your freight is the first step in making sure your cargo is safe. But the second step is even more crucial; making sure you have someone keeping an eye on your cargo. Here at Cargo Signal we have a Command Center filled with logistics professionals who monitor cargo worldwide and intervene when our sensors notify us that a package has been opened. We go on to sound the alarm with the carrier so they know that cargo is being tampered with. Ultimately, we are focused on getting your cargo to its final destination.